Counselor Service Holding

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Why Counselor Service Holding?

Working with Counselor Service Holding offers your company these remarkable advantages: You are working with a recognized leader in the sector: Counselor Service Holding has assets in management for over 100 billions of dollars formed by government bonds, corporate bonds and bank guarantees since its constitution. We work closely with many of the nation's largest institutional investors and pass on to our clients the economies obtained by financing large volumes of financing with them. All the investments of the assets managed by Counselor Service Holding are private placements with a single lender rather than a large public union; your transaction remains completely private and confidential. Counselor Service Holding is an active participant in the sector of financial programs structured through its partners. Counselor Service Holding works closely with structured finance companies through the Join Venture Agreement, which makes us a privileged access and a team of experts always at our disposal. Our financial strategies ensure that payments for the end user are secure and certain. Working with Counselor Service Holding, the end customer is never "out of the house", but feels accompanied by family members throughout the investment deal. Do not hesitate to contact us they will be immediately entrusted to our team of experts who will illustrate the optimal solutions.