Counselor Service Italia was founded in 2009 by the revolutionary philosophy of the two founders. Its Know-How is born from the idea to start from a genuine relationship of trust with its customers. This bond allows to lead the customer to the best solution of any problem, becoming like one figure with him and acting as being the owner, building together the future of the companies. This method, already based in the anglosaxon and american countries, means that the client dialogue with one person that acts as a trusted advisor, taking care of the full project development. Due to this, the Counselor works as a “personal trainer” in order to lead the customer to success as well as to teach him, step by step, how to reach it . This method permit to customers to grow up in skills and professional abilities understanding the procedure planned. This know-how has been created and optimized in order to be applied to every different business sector. Infact, the business plan is create ad-hoc starting from common guide lines that build up the main structure of this know-how. The business plan is create checking the needs and possibilities of the customer, establishing together the goals to reach and the best way to reach them. As it is a Counselor Service Holding brand, Counselor Service Italia creates also the opportunities to provide its clients with development/investment in foreign countries.